Feedback / Improvements for D5

I just want to give more feedback, maybe some of the suggestions are already planned.

// Texture adjustments

1. Triplanar should be able to overwrite mappings for every object/model with that material.
Quickly obtain a uniform and continuous texture mapping.
If I create a floor with 20 surfaces, I should be able to use Triplanar to make those surfaces into one continuous textured surface, even if each surface have been modified individually with scale and rotation.

I do not like the way, that I have to use mapping in Rhino, and it takes a lot of time, so I hope it will be possible to only use D5 render.

2. Make it possible to adjust values more precisely by holding down a key while using the mouse.
(I know, that I can use arrows but a key+mouse would be easier) - Should also snap to often-used values.

When I have to adjust the textures, I have to type in Stretch, Offset, and Rotate, etc. because it’s very hard to adjust it with the mouse.
Should also be able to snap to fx. 0, 90, 180, 270.

3. Add decimals to rotate settings for textures.
When adding textures to a large surface, it is quite hard to rotate it correctly. Especially if the model is placed at an angle.

4. Stretch function with “px calculator”?
I am not quite sure how to make sure, that the custom textures are in the correct scale/size. Especially with bricks. Maybe if it was possible to make an option to tell D5 the size of the texture in metric or imperial. For example, D5 Render should be able to know the px of the imported texture, and then I should be able to adjust the default texture size in metric or imperial.

Lets say, that I import a low 500x500px texture that should be equivalent to 5000x5000mm. If stretch is set to X 1.00 Y 1.00 = full size, and X 0.50 X 0.50 = 2500x2500mm, and 2.00 X 2.00 = 10000x10000mm.
This would be a great improvement to make sure your textures are in scale.

5. Offset and rotate textures with XYZ.
If you import a square, I should be able to offset or rotate every side of the texture.
Right now, I have to divide every side of an object into different surfaces to be able to map it correctly in D5.

6. Individual UV is confusing and unnecessary?
If I wanted to adjust one surface, I would just separate that surface from the rest and copy the texture and adjust the UV for that surface.
Maybe it is just me, but I am not quite sure, when/how this should be used. For me, it is just confusing, and something you get stressed out about because you don’t know why the standard UV/main UV is not working. At least gray out/lock the main UV if the individual UV is enabled? And why have two Triplanar?

// Orientation

1. Set view height
Should be able to make renders that are placed in chosen eye height. - Yes, the view can be set up in the 3D software, but I would like to have the function in D5.
Especially when, as an architect, you work with the human scale.

2. Walkmode
Able to walk around in the model. - Should also be able to walk on stairs.

3. Model place adjustments
I do like that I am able to move the synced model and still keep the live view. But, I am missing the possibility to rotate the model and still keep the correct orientation.
It is like D5 Render, does not understand where the live view is anymore. (Maybe it’s just a Rhino issue)

4. Use the cursor inside D5 Render
When flying around I always have to keep moving the mouse back and forth, since the cursor is not able to keep going inside D5 Render. It is limited to the size of my screens
I guess over time, that would be a problem for my wrist. (Maybe it could be fixed, if fullscreen mode were an option.)

5. Workmode camara / Editmode
When adjusting, importing etc. in D5 Render I do sometimes need at button/hotkey to set my camera back to my preferred work mode camera setting.
Right now, I just have created a scene called “Camara”, but its seems like, there should be a better solution.

// Layout

1. Remove “Imported”
I am not quite sure why we need to see both “Object” and “Imported,” I find it a bit confusing.
Why is it necessary to have “Imported”? I could just rightclick on the model under “Imported” and choose duplicate?

2. The 9 dotted button - Move the icons out, and make them visible.
I think the icons under the 9 dotted button, should be placed visible at all times.
In the beginning, I did not understand why I was not able to select anything until I found out, not only does it work as a search function but also as a sorting function.
Maybe it is the placement and the 9 dotted icon. I just thought, that is was only a supplement to the seach function. - Not a select type/sorting function.

3. Move Brush History to “Objects”
Maybe it was somehow possible to have all brush history in the Object tab. - In that way I will also be able to layer them into hedges, facade plants, grass etc.
Should be possible to replace/edit models in brush history and also able to seperate a brush with same models. - fx. Brush History1 and Brush History2 has the same models but can be adjustet independently.

Totally agree with the material customization, its in an urgent need of a revamp.

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Thank you for your advice. it’s detailed and useful.

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