FBX with textures?

This is unbelievable!
I do not believe anymore, that this will come.

Hi Flamingo, we do plan to do this, but developing this feature is not easy and cannot be done in short term. For now, our workflow is able to use plugins to export fbx to d5a file, and in this way it will have materials.(if you are using 3dmax, standard and vray materials and some special materials are supported)

I remember you use c4d, right? our c4d plugin is in beta stage too, if you want to try, I will consult the development team, which version of c4d is supported. :pensive:

Hi Oliver,
thank you for your feedback.
Slowly but surely, I am switching from C4D to Blender.
There is no need for me to support C4D anymore.

By the way: Congrats to D2. A lot of new stuff, that brings D5 forward.
Thank you for this wonderful release.

You are welcome, Blender plugin now supports 2.82 and 2.83.
Blender - User Manual (d5render.com)

I am using the portable Blender 2.93.4.
There your plugin does not work.

ok, got it, will keep you informed when the plugin has updates.

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One question.
What does the crown mean beside my logo?

it means D5PRO :sweat_smile: we may have a unique icon for perpetual Pro in the future…

Good idea. Thank you.

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blender plugin works in 2.92, which I kept when I want to export single models already textured in d5, and save a bit of time.

but anyway you have +/- to redo the texture work in D5 as good translation is always a bit tricky (for complex node, AO map etc).

So since the texturing work has to be done again, the built in FBX exporter in blender 2.93/94 works fine, you can even actualize your model in D5 later. I use it for large models.

I saw the roadmap for blender has been updated, which is great, a live sync would be amazing, I would pay for this addon !

congratulation on 2.0 update! At 1/10 of Lumion price and probably twice the quality your stand and policy will benefit to architecture!


Thanks for the info.
I’m not sure how the plugin works on the portable version.
Regarding Lumion, I’m sure that a lot of users will switch to D5 soon.
Act-3d has outrageous prices. This will not prevail in the long term.
The D5 team does make a great job!

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Why don’t I have this icon? I’m the permanent version, too

Hello, I think it is because your Pro is activated via activation code. Never mind, you will have that icon soon.