FBX Pivot Point

Hi! I am working in a company thats been using Lumion for past 2 years. Now a small R and D team is working on D5 to see if we can transition to D5 from Lumion. So as a part of the R and D team I have my first doubt about pivot point position in FBX import.

In lumion the Pivot point is always at 0,0,0 when i import from 3ds Max irrespective of the pivot point position in 3ds max. So this makes us import components with perfect precision from 3ds max to Lumion like i just have to enter 0,0,0 in coordinates and the object will be placed at the exact coordinates as I have in 3ds max. But here the pivot point automatically moved to the bottom center of every component. and it takes time to sit and place in d5. So is there any way to achieve this? Or any way to keep the pivot point the same as in 3ds max so that i can manually enter the coordinates and it will be on the same location as in 3ds max.

Thanks in advance

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Hello, thanks for the suggestion. We are preparing to add this feature now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot!!! looking forward for this feature :slight_smile: