FAQ and Solutions_SketchUp and 3Ds Max Workflow

What should be checked before importing:

  1. Normals are correct - inward normal may cause the material to be rendered black. Especially models downloaded from other sites need to be checked before importing.
  2. Walls must be double mesh - otherwise, there will be light leaks.

3Ds Max

Check out User Manual

Version Confirmation

Make sure that you are using 3Ds Max 2017 or higher. If you are using 3Ds Max 2021, you need to run FirstRunForMax2021.exe in the installation package, set the environment variables and then install the plug-in.

Material Compatibility

The currently compatible materials are the basic materials of 3Ds Max and Vray materials.
If you are using corona material, you can select all objects in the scene and right click after installing Vray, select “V-ray scene converter”, you can convert corona material to Vray material, then use D5 Converter to export.
*CoronaBitmap material is not currently compatible.

Texture Missing

Check the texture paths of max files, all known texture loss issues are caused by

  1. texture paths not matching,
  2. not using basic 3ds max materials
  3. not using Vray materials

Export Failure

The max file is too large and has too many meshes, so it’s recommended to exported in batches.

Model Misalignment

The exported mesh in d5a format is in fbx format. The fbx format does not allow attaching the transformation matrix of certain modifiers. There are two ways to try:

  1. Use 3Ds Max 2020
  2. Select the misplaced objects and ungroup the group containing the misplaced objects. Then go to “Utilities” - “Reset Transformation” - “Reset Selected Content” and export again.


  • d5a: exported d5a format file, can be directly imported into D5 Render, and added to the local library. d5a format file saves model and mapping information and includes texture, normal mapping, and other material information. It can be directly imported and used in other scene files.
  • skp: skp files contain model information and basic mapping information (diffuse reflection or texture mapping), but do not contain further material parameters such as normals, roughness, etc.
  • max: 3Ds Max model files and mapping files are saved separately. If the mapping relationship of the mapping is not set properly, the mapping may be lost.


Check out User Manual

Sync Large Files

SketchUp takes up a lot of memory when running, so it is not recommended to use the plugin to synchronize larger model files.
It would be better to modify the model, save it directly, and then use the Reload feature in D5.

Material Synchronization

Reload feature and D5 Converters have the same synchronization logic for materials. D5 Render only reads the materials that were first synchronized from the modeling software. In other words, if the model material has been edited in D5 Render, the model material will be the current material in D5 after synchronization. If the material was added before the sync, the material will remain the same as the material in the modeling software after the sync.

Known Issues

  1. Some jpg mapping may fail to load when synchronizing or direct importing, should be re-mapped manually.
    Expected to be fixed in D5 Render version 1.8.0

  2. The 20H2 version updated in October 2020 for windows restricts the way D5 Converter synchronizes the underlying communication data, users with the above latest version of windows will encounter the following problems:
    a. Larger SU files may fail to synchronize (larger than 10M)
    b. Fail to sync with the latest SketchUp 2021 files
    Expected to be fixed in the next version (at the end of Jan.2021) of D5 Converter for SketchUp

Common Error Reports

  1. Please install the latest version of D5 Render,or select installation folder if it has been installed
    You need to select the installation directory of D5 Render manually. If you can’t select the installation directory, or if you have already selected the installation directory, please try to close and quit all antivirus programs and reinstall D5 Render.

  2. Unknown issue, please contact the developer.
    Please close and quit all antivirus programs and reinstall D5 Render.

Hi. May I know when the converter plugins will support 3ds max 2022? thank you

Hi, about Q3 this year. It depends on the actual development progress.