Exterior shot - testing the new update 1.5 - 4K error

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Experience the update and the performance of new tools
The engine is my legend and working on it is improving in a few months. Thank you very much to all the team for the work
But there are some random errors that occur when outputting a 4K image that I do not know what caused it, for example the working file is closed by itself when it reaches more than 1.75 GB, it says that there is a problem in updating the graphics card?
But my device specifications are high and I have all the updates for the RTX2070 Super graphics card and Windows
Currently the level is excellent but the most important point is the output in 4k format, I hope this problem will be corrected
Best Regards
The 3D model from 3D warehouse - just render


Thank you for the feedback. Could you please elaborate the issue for us? We’d like to know better about it, which helps us figure it out.

Thank you in advance

Hello Jessica Huang
Thank you for your reply
The problem is everything that increases the file size or increases the lighting. The program stops exporting the 4k format with the possibility that it stops working at any moment and gives an error related to updating the graphics card, knowing that the graphics card is the last version, and the d5 version is 1.5, the second thing is that This problem does not happen to me with small files only when the file size reaches 1.7 GB, I do not know what the specific problem is and what is the solution
Is it possible to send the file and inspect it from you?


Thank you for your reply.
Have you used volumetric light or depth of field when editing? If yes, I t’s a known issue, will be fixed in 1.5.1.

Thank you very much

Yes, often in all projects I use depth of field
As for volumetric light, I do not remember, but I almost use all the existing things, but I will try to delete these things and try to see
Greetings, wait for the new update, and is there an expected release date?