Export from sketchup in layers

Watching a D5 render tutorial, I came across an exporter from the program that does this in layers, it looks different from the last version available… I would like to know if it is possible to export in layers in the current version for sketchup. Thankful

Hello, D5 Render does not support sync-ing layers from SketchUp. Do you mean materials or surfaces of a model?

I am referring to the separation of items (furniture) within the file.
The video I watched, the person was using a beta version 2.9 of D5 render and the plugin tab showed the option to export already classifying the items.

Hi mate, we do not have a beta version of D5 2.9 :joy: Could you show me a link of that video?

It seemed like you have travelled on time my friend, 2.9 wow! That’s amazing! They are on 2.4 Beta currently :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

I understand your question though, and my recommendation is that you have the different disciplines in different Sketchup files, such as landscape, entourage, architecture, furniture. Etc.

File 01. Architecture only
File 02. Landscape only
File 03. Furniture only
File 04. Entourage only

All of them must share same coordinates though, so when you update let’s say the furniture file only, you can relink the furniture file with your updated models without the need of updating all the other files (landscape, entourage, etc).

Doing this way you can safe lots of time and effort and also you can turn on and off those models within D5 like if they were layers. In case you need let’s say, more FPS to accommodate landscape you can hide the other models and work only on the landscape with better performance.

Also it helps when you encounter a problem with your file, it’s way easier to identify the cause since you can reload each discipline separately.

I hope this helps!

And please let me know what amazing features you have seen in the feature for D5 render :joy:


Same Problem here, I wish after syncing like Sketchup the Default layer will be able to have options on and off the layers of each object.