Export an Standalone Executable File

I think an option to Export to a Standalone Executable File like Enscape does to an .exe file would be fantastic.

Would make presentations to clients so much more beneficial especially if the presenter does not have the software installed or the client wants to use it themselves away from the meeting. They have an interactive walkthrough mode without the software. Therefore clients can have their own version away from the designer/modellers.

Also add the possibility of packaging executable files for Android, to be able to run them on Oculus Quest 2


Agree, this would be a gamechanger. I stopped using Enscape and only use D5 now, and the minimap feature and ability to generate executables (web and local based) are the only features I miss. I gave those up because the experience of rendering and quality is so much better in D5.


totally agree, to me this is mandatory. I can’t wait to see it implemented
Please D5, make it real


Would the exe file provide the ability to view a project in VR?


Yeah, it is planned.


Add some suggestions from D5 Discord server:

  1. By adding border boxes as borders. If we block the places that the customer does not want to go, within the project.

  2. The interface should be specially designed. Custom logos and menus can be added. Menus should not be standard like enscape.

  3. Project login password can be added. Access to the Internet-based project can be blocked.

  4. File size can be reduced. It may not be huge files like in Twinmotion.

  5. There may be material replacement options.


These are great features, thanks guys for the work done till today! and also for the one who is on the way… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thanks :slight_smile: I looking forward to using the feature :slight_smile:

Good idea with exe file,

but aren’t we a little late with that. :joy:

I already solve this problem with QR code for video and render images. Since I use more D5 Render than Enscape. My customers know QR code better because they use the system every day with their mobile phone and mail.

that would be amazing.

Once this gets added, I could see a mass exodus from Enscape to D5. It’s the main thing keeping me from 100% transitioning over to the program.

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