Enhancements to the assets library

I consider that there are some things that could be improved in the assets library.

  • The thumbnails could be saved locally, so it would load much faster, I have had some problems with not seeing the thumbnails and I had to restart.
  • The downloaded files should have some signal to know that they have been downloaded to locate them more easily, if not, to be able to have a filter to visualize these downloaded files. I have seen that there is an icon, but only when hovering the mouse over the asset, I would like this icon to be permanent.
  • The category accessories/ornaments, there is everything from sculptures, paintings, textiles, curtains, vases, houseplants,… I think this category has too many things and could be categorized, for example houseplants, texties and paintings, they should have their own category.
  • the favorites category could also have its own category filters, when I have more than 100 favorites it becomes a bit difficult to search for them.