Downloaded and used assets category

Hi D5, would You consider making new categories in assets?
“Used” in the project and “Downloaded” on the disk categories would speed up a process of design, when I look for assets I have already used.

I see that downloaded assets are marked with little checkbox, but it is not visible until You mouse over them. Filter for those would help when browsing them. Or just some color difference in the asset browser to see immediately which I have already downloaded.


Hi Gravis3D, we have a questionnaire about assets, you can click here to vote. We will adopt your valuable opinions.

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While downloading and uploading assets to the scene, I keep getting an upload error and the last changes made to the scene are canceling. I keep getting an installation error. There is a problem even though I open it with D5 administrator permission.

Hello, sorry to hear that you ran into this problem.

  1. The sofa model is from D5 online library or your local library?
  2. What is the name of the sofa? If you open a new empty scene in D5, then use this sofa, will the same problem happen?

Please let us know the answers for troubleshooting, and it would be good if you can send two logs folders to directly.

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.2
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse


No permission to save this project. You can save as a new one.

Even though I save my project many times, when I open it again, I lose everything. Every time I work with administrator permission. I’m tired now. I’m really sick and tired of these problems. How many of my projects have been lost this way. D5 is a very bad program. I’ve been preparing a project for hours and the result is an empty scene. Asset doesn’t work regularly. I am using 2 separate internet providers and D5 library download speeds are very slow. My download speed is 160 mbps - 300 mbps… While I was rendering the other day, the electricity went out and my rtx 3060 ti graphics card burned out. I’ve never had such problems with any other software. I have been preparing 3D visuals for 17 years. And I am a professional. And now I bought Rtx 3070 ti graphics card. I live in Turkey and the cost of a graphics card is at least 5 minimum wages. In recent months, the inflation rate in Turkey has exceeded 90%. I beg you, please solve these problems. Please!!!