Depth of field

Hello D5 devs , u r doing an amazing job so far , i bought the program since the beta tried it once but didnt got the chance to keep using it . now i rendered a project with it and its final results are amazing.
I just have some points to talk about but im gonna leave them for another topic
today i tried to render a video an im amazed with the speed of the render and the quality is good too. i wanted to take a close shot to a plant but the depth of field doesnt work and there is only one slider to adjust and tweak the effect.
i suggest that you add more options so i can get the look that i want in that shot . you need to add this
a distance slider that lets u pick the place where u want to focus
a slider that determine the sharp area radius around the focus area
a slider that gives me the ability to choose if i want the front area to be blurred or the background or if i want them both
and enchance the effect of the current slider that adjusts the blur amount because i cant see its effect honestly , sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt and even if it works doesnt cover the area that i want it to be blurred.
depth of field gives the close shots a high quality look.