Плагина d5render для 3dsmax навязывает поисковую систему baidu

After installing the d5render plugin for 3dsmax, when I run 3dsmax the page https://www.baidu.com/ opens
How should I understand it? I don’t want any other third party service or product forced on me along with the plugin.

Hello, we did not reproduce the problem you mentioned, and do not worry, the website you posted is a search engine like Google.
To confirm, this problem happened when you opened 3ds Max, or when you clicked the button of D5 Converter?

Please let us know your max version. Also, we have a new plugin for 3ds Max:
D5 Render
You can download it from our Discord server.

Hello. My actions are as follows.
Installed the plugin, which I downloaded from your server discord
Archive name: D5_Converter_3DsMax_pre1.zip
File name inside: D5_Converter_3DsMax_test_3.0.0.0359.exe
After installing the plugin, I launched 3dsmax 2023.1 along with launching the program the baidu search site opens.
I closed the browser, closed 3dsmax
Re-launched 3dsmax and again the baidu search page opens along with it.
And so every time I start 3dsmax.
When I uninstalled the d5render plugin and started 3dsmax the page did not open again.
But when I reinstalled the d5render plugin and started 3dsmax, the search page started opening again, every time I run 3dsmax.
Thank you for noticing my message

Hello, thank you for the updates. We figured it out, and I think the page you opened is due to auto-update.
Please give it a try again, we made a fix in the background.