D5 supposed to help architects in their workflow and till now we don't have Rhino sync plugin

I’m a a rhino user and using it with VisualArq plugin and till now I’m using Enscape for rendering as it have a live sync with Rhino so I can see all design option and changes , using D5 till now us not convenient to any Rhino user especially in architecture AND i hope you give more attention for rhino plugin

Hi, thank you for your patience, we will roll out D5 converter-Rhino in 2.0 version, and it will come out soon. Now 2.0 is in the beta testing stage.

Thanks Oli, @Oliver.J
I’d like to mention that u have to take care of visualarq Plugin as Rhino is cad modeler and Visualarq is a BIM tool for making proper architecture objects and there is a probrlem that Enscape cannot read Texture mapping on VisualARQ objects and vray was also but they’ve solved it in the last release,
I’ve said that to avoid it in early stages and this thread explains it from visualarq developers in Enscape forum


hello, thank you very much! I have shared them with our team.

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Thanks oliver @Oliver.J
Rhino nature has been reales this day ans it would be a great addition to be fully integrated with D5 render ( it work with octane and Vray till now )

ok, our team received this suggestion, thank you!

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