D5: Standalone or Plugin?

Hello, I’m a new D5 Pro subscriber (I have not yet used the program). But I am a long-time Rhino 3D user. My question is this: are there any advantages to using D5 with the plugin inside or Rhino (Rhino 7)? Or, would it be easier / faster to use D5 as a standalone software. Lastly, in regards to using D5 plugged into Blender… any foreseeable advantages with this combination? – Thank you, Craig

yes, there are big advantages with D5 converter.
You will discover it yourself as soon as you use D5.

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Hi you can see this page D5 Render for Rhino Real-time Rendering Workflow or have a try yourself :smiling_face:

Thank you Vicki! It looks like a major advantage of the Rhino synchronization is that I can continue to build the model inside of Rhino (and update inside of D5). Yet, I was wondering if there were any advantages in terms of the actual quality of the rendering, itself?

Thank you Dadi.

If you use D5 as auxiliary tool when you make designs in Rhino, then live sync is more suitable.
If your model is already done and you are going to make rendering projects for competition, then you can import the model into D5 and use it as a standalone software.
(This is how my colleagues use the Rhino-D5 workflow, just for reference)

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Thank you Oliver, you’ve certainly answered my question.

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