D5/ Revit synchronisation - Lost materiels

I work a Revit model on a computer N°1. Then I export to D5. Then I saved both files.
After that, I share this 2 files to another computer throw a USB key.

On this computer I contiuned working:

  • I removed a curtain object on Revit and I launched " Stard D5 " button on Revit to synchronise.

2 Options, as we all know apppeared : 1) Create a New link or 2) replace.
I made replace of course.

All the orgigal texture I placed on my original work disappeared. I’ recover a new virgin model.


PS: when i tried to do this same proces ( eraseing object, remaming Revit file and replace ON THE SAME COMPUTER >>> It wored, texture are still ther and the object I removed had been removed in D5 as well

I just understood that D5 do not memorise EXTERNAL texture inside it’s own folder ( what I supposed).

How to manage with this situtation when the D5 file is opended in another PC ?

Hi pilou5001,

Thanks for reporting this problem. To confirm, what did you mean by “External” textures? Do you mean those textures synced from Revit or inserted manually in D5 Render?
We did not reproduce the issue you met, therefore, hope you can let us know where the lost textures come from.


Thx for answering me.
" I just understood that D5 do not memorise EXTERNAL texture inside it’s own folder ( what I supposed)"

I made a mistake sorry.
Why ? Because when I oppened a D5 file on the 2nd PC >>> The external textures ( not basicly in D5 texture library) inside this file are still there.

Basicly I sum up what happend:

  1. I designed a project ( Revit/D5) on the 1st PC.
  2. I mooved all the folder and the D5 file and Revit File on a 2nd pc.
  3. I oppended this 2 files
  4. At this moment I can see on the screen that my D5 model is the same that those on the 1st PC. The textures I applied are still there.
  5. Then, when I click on Revit open file to synchonise (even if I do not change anything) , D5 file became as a new file ( white clay model) without any texture.

I can’t understand why.
The texture previously applied should have been stocked in on of the D5 folder. Isn’t it?

PLZ Help me to solve this problem !!

Here is the solution: plugin exporter on PC N°1 and PC N°2 had not the same version.

Hi pilou5001,
To confirm, you were using a version lower than 0.3.3 on the computer, right? Sorry, they do have compatibility issues.