D5 Render Pro for multiple devices?

Hello all,
I have used D5 Pro personally and now I feel like shifting the entire workflow from Lumion to D5 at my architecture firm. On the pricing page, there is no information on purchasing the D5 Pro license for multiple workstations. As far as I could notice, D5 works on a single device and simultaneous work is not possible using a single pro account as D5 logs me out from the previous device after I sign into a new device. How should I go about solving this issue? Please help!

Hello kinshuk, for now one D5 account can only log in to one computer at the same time, if you need to use multiple devices at same time, you may need to purchase more licenses. Besides, cloud rendering, and group license are on the roadmap for developing, I think they will help a lot in the future.

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Oh, that’s unfortunate. Looks like I need to abandon the plan to fully shift to D5 Render. I’ve five workstations at my office. It is unimaginable for me to buy five $360 licenses for each of those machines.

Alright, I have moved this topic to “ideas and requests” category and will share this need to product team, thanks!

This is a very serious issue. At least if not 4-5, can you please allow one pro account to be used on 2-3 devices at the same time. Thanks

Thank you for sharing the sentiment, @Sohail. It is a very serious issue indeed. I don’t see D5 sustainably making it to studio workstations due this very reason. I don’t see why it has taken so long for D5 to understand this bottleneck in their marketing and pricing strategy. I absolutely love D5 but must abandon using it if I cannot bring my whole team to D5. I sincerely wish that D5 addresses this issue ASAP.

To be fair, Lumion charges thousands of dollars for a license. The price for D5 is pretty fair given the capabilities of the software.

As far as business expenses go, I feel like $1800 is almost nothing compared to the potential earnings you can get through selling renderings.


Hello, thank you for this suggestion, and we also have the plan to design enterprise and studio licenses. I shared your suggestions with our team and here is a question, hope you can let me know in what scenario you will need to use D5 Render Pro on different computers at the same time. One person uses multiple computers, or multiple users share one D5 license?

It’s about multiple designers using D5 in their individual devices. For just one person, it doesn’t really matter. He can just login to another device when he switches.

OK, thank you for letting us know this request :+1:

This discussion is very interesting.

I have two very performing PCs, both with 64 GB of RAM, 3090 GPU, 5800x and 5950X cpu respectively.

It would be very interesting to be able to follow a project in parallel on two computers, or even more projects.

Making a license for each computer, for small studios, could be very demanding economically, but with a small “multinode” economic update, which I know with 10/15 Euro / Dollars more per month for each additional computer, it could be manageable to have a “multi-platform” license that is affordable.

Think about it! It would be a great opportunity for small studios.

So I have a question.

In my current state, precisely with two PCs, it could be possible, without acquiring an additional license, to work but NOT AT THE SAME TIME, on both computers, simply by “log in / log out” in relation to the needs.

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Hi kolortime, thank you for your suggestions, regarding the question, yes, you can switch between two PCs, simply by “log in / log out”.

Hi, I have an idea, Just add license for rendering or free license can read the asset pro without water mark but don’t create, modified whatever pro features can do just read and render only. I agree with switch between two PCs, simply by “log in / log out”. and If one account can buy more than one license that so good.