[D5 Render Challenge}

Theme: Exterior Render
Artist: Sepehr Arzjani
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Workflow: Rhino + 3ds max + D5 1.9
Brief description of post-processing: No post-production
Whether the model is original: Original Design
Model source: Original design

**Description of the work: Being surrounded by two important nature elements: forest and
lake gave birth to the idea of designing to embrace nature and
allowing the user to feel the surrounding of their habitat without
sacrificing style.


nice render!

Thank you :blush:

Hi mate, your image is pretty nice, but for still frame works, 2 or more finished drawings shall be submitted. According to our rules, please upload another image here, thank you!

Thanks for informing me. I just can’t find the edit post button.

I couldn’t find the edit button for the post so I’m adding the rest of the renders here in the comment section.

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