[D5 Render Challenge]Lake house Inner peace animation

**Theme:inner peace
**Artist:Anas shinati
**Graphics Card:rtx 3060 12gb
**Workflow: sketchup - d5 1.9 - adobe premiere
**Brief description of post-processing:adobe premier
**Whether the model is original:original
**Model source:original

**Description of the work:this is the animation for my my recent challenge entry the Lake house titled as inner peace.
For those who’s confused whos is acacia if im Anas , acacia is my architectural design and visualization studio.

Hope u enjoy watching …


So nice~ Good luck!


thank you Oliver , i used the foliage material map to get the light coming through the leaves , its nice feature

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Amazing!best I seen today

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Thank you , :pray:

Great work! I like design, scenes and overall mood. Nice animation and music choice - im tired of piano in every video :). You fully used foliage material feature:) - like Oliver mentioned lens flare scene looks so nice.
Fruits look amazing! I would add some gaussian blur to grapes in premiere, there is some antialiasing problem. To many seconds dedicated to xbox pad for me.
Keep up!

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Thank you for noticing that the music isn’t a piano , seems like i have the same taste as you im tierd of the piano music . Do you know how to solve the anti aliasing problem? I don’t know why it happens

Hmm, did you use some sharpen in premiere? If not, firstly I would add masking with gaussian blur to the edge of grapes it should do the trick. Although it is not a moire effect the workflow is the same: Get Rid of MOIRE in Premiere Pro FAST - YouTube. It is some blur/sharpen/over exposure problem.

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I usually sharpen the still images . This time i did it on a video . I think it did a bad result in the first mass exterior shot too there flickering in the bottom side of the scene which is th grass.

I think using sharpness in videos isnt a good idea.
Thanks for the very useful tip

Good Job :+1:

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Thank you.