[D5 Render Challenge II] Giorgi Melkadze, FUTURE WE LIVE

Graphics Card: - RTX 3060
Brief description of post-processing: NO POST PROCESS

I am joining you with my competition work on which I worked very hard and I put countless time and effort. My work contains two chapters. Chapter 1 and chapter 2. I started working on February 25 and finished on May 6th.

Mainly I want to point out that in my work I used my full capacity and I did not want it to use assets often.
I want it to show fully my Ability to merge imagination and D5 render. How can we travel using D5 render you know our thoughts or memories?

Chapter 1.
I make a decision to create a cyberpunk city. The genre is very far but at the same time very close. That’s how I define the distance correctly (AS FAR AS CLOSE). I think humanity is tending to a border and we are advancing in the universe, therefore we don’t even analyse how realistic is everything. I think every era has its beauty and wonders. I consider that eminent changes in cyberpunk will be our signature in the aesthetics of the universe based on the time and era.

I named chapter 1 the “Future we live”. There’s nothing more beautiful when rainy and wet nights revive the reflections of the neon and Led lights and make them very colourful and alive.

Regarding The creation of chapter 1, entire space and urban planning was created by me specifically for participation in the competition.

I worked alone entirely on each detail with the full capacity I have. Just only in chapter 1, I use the following assets: scooter, train, the truck, fishes, vegatable (just some of them)…

If I win I will include all scenes with animations of the characters and scenes. also i will buy my personal PC.

Now, regarding chapter number two (The action is happening on a snowy day at the train station). I have decided to use the renewed ability of a D5 render and present a scene in the snowy weather, where everything is more realistic, In the present environment. I just wanted to give pleasure to viewers to feel the complete perception of reality. That was what I insight for this chapter.

Also in chapter 2, (Snowy weather) I build everything alone and I tried to use fewer assets. The architecture, the train station, the railways, the garbage canes, soda machine, pebbles, The constructions etc. was made by myself. Only was used the following assets: cars and the train. All passengers and moving cars are assets from D5 render.
[D5 Render Challenge] Giorgi Melkadze , FUTURE WE LIVE





Interesting images, I like the atmosphere of the suburban noire, which, suitable for some police scene, not only, the neon lights and video advertising images looks like a Vegas of a Japanese suburb, where there is the Yakuza. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you very much for your comment, It means that I did the job correctly and conveyed what I had to say. Thanks again :heart:

You’re right, if any guy looks at a painting or a sculpture or a film, it gives emotions. To me personally it gave me the thrill of a FILM NOIR, not only did it make me travel. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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In the world there are beautiful things and bad things, but both put in a scenography give emotions, the skill is that of giving these emotions. good boy :heart:

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I agree to you 100% OfcourseI can not explain what beauty is, but I think this is the moment that we humans can understand in our mind, but we can not convey this commandment in words. so that is why there is art and D5 :grinning: Thank you again :heart:

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You’re right, but we use a figurative instrument, I mean, John ** Ruskin ** said in the restoration that although we have the history that is represented by its ruins, we humans always try to keep them standing, for our posterity and for the beauty of the architecture, and stated that they had to either leave them as they are or restore them with materials from that era, without deceiving those who look at those ruins. I’ll give you an example, in the odyssey Ulysses crosses the Aegean seas with his boat and his companions, where he meets the island of the sirens, he gets tied around the mast of the boat to hear the sirens’ song, while his companions plug their ears, Penelope feels his love in that way. But it is a deception, but at the same time and the truth. What I mean, the renders we make for our clients are deceptions but at the same time we give them the truth they want. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have a very artistic vision. I appreciate that very much :slight_smile: and agree again. ^^

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