[D5 Render Challenge]Casa guadalupe

**Theme:**House GUADALUPE
Graphics Card: RTX 1070 TI
Workflow: SKETCHUP 2020 + D5
Brief description of post-processing: S/N
Whether the model is original: yes The Models is Original by D+V STUDIO & ARCHITECTURE
Model source: AUTOCAD - SKP

Description of the work: Casa Gudalupe, is a house project in Mexico, the design of the house is born between the combination of an intrspective architecture, with details typical of Mexican architecture and influence of the Master Luis Barragán, in its natural gardens, the elements of brick and materials and colors typical of Mexico, in addition to that relogiosity and spirituality that the design entails at the request of the clients, Casa Guadalupe was born from the idea that all people deserve a good architectural design regardless of the socioeconomic conditions in which they find themselves .


Very nice composition!

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