[D5 Render Challenge] 610 Residence ambience animation

Theme: Ambience living
Artist: Raksmey Kang
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Extreme
Workflow: Sketchup and D5 Render 1.9.0
Brief description of post-processing: Color grading and adding sounds in After Effect
Whether the model is original: Original model
Model source: Raksmey Kang
Description of the work: An animation which using D5 Rendering with the ambience theme and natural touching. Good for relaxation and calm.


how were you able to get the trees in the wind effect and is there a way to import animated FBX into d5 render

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@zackzan I using speedtree and exported as .abc animated.

Thank you. I tried the ABC animated , but the pivot point is out of place in D5 render and the animation breaks up