D5 render 1.6 - the biggest defects

Hello boys,

A few days ago, I told you that you still have a lot of work to do before the paid version. And suddenly the paid version is here. But there does not seem to be a significant improvement that I would expect with the final version. I like where your product is headed and that’s why I bought your passport, even though I haven’t seen the finished product yet. I wanted to support you. You promised PRO assets, new 3D models and features, but we didn’t get anything. I believe they will come soon. But that’s not the biggest problem. More importantly, it is still not possible to work normally with the D5R due to defects in its basic control functions.

The size of the floating program window cannot be changed ??? The menu bar on my 4K monitor is still as small as a flea and I need almost a magnifying glass to see something. The material window cannot be moved. Why ? Shiny objects still reflect black in the mirror. I can’t work with it professionally. Control via the QWEASD keys is inaccurate, like long jumps, movement is too fast and I don’t see the possibility of setting more precise movement anywhere. Control via 3D mouse is not possible. Many people, including me, use a 3D mouse in Sketchup, where it dramatically increases work performance. That’s why we need 3D mouse support for D5R as well. This can be an important competitive advantage. Lumion does not have support for a 3D mouse. But Enscape has. That’s why I chose Enscape for my professional work. D5R also doesn’t respect the texture rotation settings on an object created in Sketchup as Enscape does. This is a huge problem as well. You write that you are also planning a VR function, but if you don’t have it yet, why does the D5R still start the Steam VR program at startup? And so on…

I hope you focus on these basic things and fix them quickly. This is no longer a free beta. You are asking for $ 480 today! But your product does not match.

I keep my fingers crossed and wish you good luck …


Hi there, I have noticed that we should now have the new assets. I totally agree on the resizeable Windows issue. ‘fortunately’ i don’t have a super high res monitor though.
With regards to navigating with keys.if you change the ‘lens speed’ setting in camera that actually should say camera speed as that determines how fast the camera moves and has nothing to do with f-stops etc :slight_smile:


Lifetime updates=Lifetime Regrets when the product is still halfway to where it seems it’s going. D5 can take the money and run, no more updates

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“Shiny objects still reflect black in the mirror”: it’s really a big issue


you can change the movement to be slower if you go to view mode —> lens speed

You can correct the problem with the 4k monitor by changing the high PPP setting by overriding the high value scaler with the System option. I have a Surface Book 2 and with this it is solved and works very well. The problem is Windows.

Cheer up to all the D5 Render team, the software is great and I am convinced that little by little it will be in the highest position in this type of software.

Let’s go !!!

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Yes thank you.

Yes, that is the only option. That’s how I do it. The D5R is the only one that requires it. So it’s definitely not a Windows problem …

Hi!For now, the D5 reander can’t solve the Secondary reflection issue. This problem has been solved and it will release at next version!