D5 Plugin does not recognize Archicad 24 solo

I have Archicad 24 solo, build 4019 installed in my computer. I tried to install D5 render plugin for archicad, but the installer doesn’t recognize Archicad 24.

Hi there,

Please try to stop the anti-virus software and reinstall D5 Render and Converter (replace the installation, no need to uninstall it)


I tried but it didn’t work,

The D5_Converter_Archicad_us, does not recognize “Archicad 24 solo” at the time of installation, as you see below image

I’m facing the same problem here.

have you found how to do it?

d5c_archicad_install.7z (4.0 MB)
Hello, here is a new version which supports AC 25 solo, please give it a try. Any updates would be appreciated. Sorry for the late reply, I just did a search and found this topic :sweat_smile:

Archicad SE 2021 works great, its possible update to v22 ?

hello, you mean D5 Render 2.2 or Archicad SE 2022? I think they are both compatible with the current D5-Archicad plugin.

Archicad SE 2022

Hi 2xmprojekt,
Sorry for that, I consulted the tech team, and they told me AC SE 2022 is not supported, since it has different API (for code development) from other versions.
Also, Archicad official told us there may be no longer support for AC SE 2022, or maybe the whole start edition, so we may not add the support for Archicad SE 2022