D5 Plugin does not recognize Archicad 24 solo

I have Archicad 24 solo, build 4019 installed in my computer. I tried to install D5 render plugin for archicad, but the installer doesn’t recognize Archicad 24.

Hi there,

Please try to stop the anti-virus software and reinstall D5 Render and Converter (replace the installation, no need to uninstall it)


I tried but it didn’t work,

The D5_Converter_Archicad_us, does not recognize “Archicad 24 solo” at the time of installation, as you see below image

I’m facing the same problem here.

have you found how to do it?

d5c_archicad_install.7z (4.0 MB)
Hello, here is a new version which supports AC 25 solo, please give it a try. Any updates would be appreciated. Sorry for the late reply, I just did a search and found this topic :sweat_smile:

Archicad SE 2021 works great, its possible update to v22 ?

hello, you mean D5 Render 2.2 or Archicad SE 2022? I think they are both compatible with the current D5-Archicad plugin.