D5 LiveSync for Vectorworks

:sparkles: Supports LiveSync for Vectorworks to bring projects with models, materials, and other data in Vectorworks to D5 in real-time.

Supported Version

  • Vectorworks 2024

  • D5 Render 2.7 and later versions

Download and Installation

  • Download D5 LiveSync for Vectorworks

  • Installation Steps

    • Close Vectorworks, double-click the installation package ‘D5_Live_Sync_VectorWorks.exe’, and follow the installation instructions.

    • After installation, open VectorWorks - Tools - Workspaces - Edit Current Workspace.

    • Select ‘D5 LiveSync’ in Rendering and drag it to the Palettes panel on the right side, under ‘3D Modeling’ > ‘Tools Sets’ - click OK.

    • Click on the 3D Modeling icon in the Tools Sets panel, click D5 Livesync Tool, and the operation panel of D5 LiveSync Tool will appear on the toolbar above.

    • Click on the ‘Settings’ button of the D5 LiveSync Tool to verify that the installed version number is correct.



Connect to the D5 Render

  • Click “Connect to the D5 Render” to launch the D5 Render from Vectorworks with one click, and synchronize the current Vectorworks 3D models and materials with D5.

  • Supports LiveSync of Renderworks Texture to D5

  • Supports ‘Active Only’ for Class/Layer

Real-time update/pause

  • Click “Real-time update/pause” button, modifications to models and materials in Vectorworks will not be synchronized to D5 in real-time. Clicking the button again will resume real-time linkage.

Viewports linkage

  • ’Viewports linkage‘ is enabled by default after synchronization, maintaining consistent viewports between Vectorworks and D5 Render for real-time synchronization of viewpoints.

  • Supports one-click enable/disable for Viewports linkage.

Sync lights

Start light sync, click the “Sync lights” button to sync point lights, spot lights, and custom lights from Vectorworks to D5 Render.

Known Issue

  1. Only supports Perspective view

  2. Currently, lights only support Point Light, Spot Light, and Custom Light (IES Light).


  • Select ‘Uninstall D5 LiveSync for VectorWorks’ from the Start menu for one-click uninstallation.

Help and Support

  • If you encounter any questions while using the Vectorworks-D5 workflow, you can create a post in the D5 official forum under #workflow to interact with other users and receive official technical support.
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