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Hello, I would like to understand the functioning of files related to D5 and a specific project, particularly in terms of resources (materials, assets, etc.), especially when I use different computers (via a Dropbox folder). I use SketchUp, but I think these considerations are general.

  • What does the ‘D5 Workspace’ folder contain?
  • Where are the ‘downloaded’ D5 assets (trees, people) stored? (and if the storage link is broken, will D5 load them again?)
  • Where are personal materials stored? (for instance, when I use a personal .jpg image from SketchUp? And when I import a .jpg texture with its components like normal/gloss/etc., where are these stored?
  • What does the .drs file contain? Perhaps someone has already faced these questions (I found nothing in the documentation) to be able to work within a Dropbox folder."

Hello, thank you for your interest and support for the D5.

  1. The workspace holds assets that have been downloaded from the online library, the local library, as well as custom HDR / LUT / IES files and some temp files. Additionally, D5 demo scenes are also stored in this location.
  2. Downloaded assets are stored in the workspace, if you want to change the location of the workspace, you can change it from the perference. After the modification, the workspace will be migrated to the new location as a whole, and the content inside will not be lost or changed.
  3. If you import a model of your own, but it is not added to local, then this model will be in your scene folder. In the scene, you can find it in the object menu on the left.

If you added this model to local, then it will also be in the workspace.
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  1. For more information on what a drs file is, please refer to this post. What is a drs file? | User Manual (d5render.com)
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