D5 crash

The d5 freezes and crashes during use, no matter what method is used, such as updating drivers. The computer configuration is RTX 4050 Intel I7 window 11 23H2. Is there anyone who can help me solve it? Do I need to send a log to see?

Sorry for your issue. What your D5 version? Does it crash when opening all scenes or specific scene file? If you try to create a new empty scene, can D5 run normally?

Please tell me your dedicated GPU memory usage when running D5, you can refer to the following image. Please turn off CPU overclocking or RAM XMP profile if they are turned on.

Also, may I ask how your memory speed is?

Opening a scene will also crash

RTX 4050 Intel I7 WINDOW 11 32GB RAM

2400 MHz。。。。

Did you use 2.8 version? Can you use 2.7 version normally before?

Please also try to perform a clean installation of your graphic card driver and see the result. For steps, please refer to How to view and upgrade graphics card driver? | User Manual (d5render.com)

2.5 / 2.6 / 2.7 / 2.8 also cannot to use

My windows and drivers are up to date.

Please check your DM :pray: