D5 Convertor installer doesn't see REVIT 2024

I just installed REVIT 2024.

For some clients’ requirements, I have REVIT 2020 and 2023 still installed.

The installer for the convertor sees the older versions but not 2024. Is there something I need to do? If not, when should I expect an update to the D5 Installer?



Man, Be patient Revit 2024 came out Today, wait until the new convertor update, anyway 2024 doesn’t worth the upgrade

Dear Hussein,

I did ask how long I have to wait.

BTW, AutoDesk is pretty good in providing pre-release support to outside developers. I was a developer a while back.

The solid topography feature in 2024 makes it worth the upgrade, plus a few other mass modeling additions and improvements.

Hi Nader, as you can see Revit 2024 SDK isn’t out yet so We don’t know how much time does it take adapt to the new changes also in Topography and other tools

Hi mate, thank you for the discussion, we will support Revit 2024 soon, probably this month I think.

Hi @hussein.hamed @nader.family

Here is the beta version of D5 Converter for Revit, which supports Revit 2024,

welcome to give it a try.

Download Link

​Or you can wait for our official release this or next week.



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