D5 Converter-SketchUp

How can I uninstall it?
There is no traces of the SU Converter neither in Programs Features nor SU Extension Manager.


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Just delete all the files in the installation directory of D5 Converter for sketchup

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But… where that directory is located.
It seems there are many places the Converter in question place its traces.

Thank you in advance for the precision.
How about uninstall option integration?

Hello guys. I have the same annoying issue. I can’t find the location of D5 conventer. Everytime I open sketchup I get this annoying message that there’s a new version of D5 render. Since I have Radeo GPU, I can’t use it. I have uninstalled everything, but can’t get rid of this message. There’s no trace of the D5 converter in the extension warehouse! Please, help!

You can install the latest version from the official website: https://www.d5render.com/download And it can avoid all the annoying message.

Or if you don’t want to use it, go to ‘Window’ → ‘Extension Manager’ to disable it.

Neither way works
The link above is dead.
There is no D5 Plugin listed in Extension Manager.
There is no D5 Plugin on the Programs and Features list.

Please provide us with the clear instruction of uninstalling it once for all.

Thank you in advance.

Go to the bottom of the page all plugins there

Oh shooot…

… no reply from anyone how to uninstall D5 Convertor ???

Not good (I have the same issue - it’s BETA, which BTW, you need to have BETA a LOT bigger on your website - I didn’t notice it was in Beta…)

No thanks, I cannot be a beta tester, I now have problems with my software and I too cannot find how to completely remove the D5 Convertor from 3DS Max (I know this is regarding Sketchup but it’s all I can find on this Uninstall D5 Converter issue we all seem to be experiencing).

just go to extensions manager in sketchup. select the D5 extension and uninstall it. you are done

I think you could uninstall it with the following tool.