D5 Converter for Revit installation error

No. I use full version of Revit 2021.

Alright, the installer cannot find your Revit installed on your computer, or there is other error message when installing?
Did you once format the system after installing Revit?

No, I didn’t format the system after installing Revit

To confirm, you downloaded the D5 Converter for Revit from our official website, right?
Real-Time Rendering for Revit with D5 Render

And the problem is that here is empty?

Yes, the box is empty.

Any progress on the problem?

Hi mate, can we schedule a time for remote access to troubleshoot this issue?
Please check your private message box.

I’m facing the same issue and was wondering if you guys have found a solution for it
Screenshot 2023-03-17 115659

Ya so i solved it, if it could be of help to anyone, try uninstalling your revit completely and after reinstalling it(Revit) install the converter before you add your license for revit!!!

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