D5 Converter for Revit 2023

Hi, when will D5 converter for Revit 2023 be available?

Hello, in couple of weeks. @karam has developed it to support Revit 2023 and we will release the update soon.


Hi ryan, our new Revit plugin which supports Revit 2023 has come out. Welcome to try it and share with us your feedbacks.
Revit 0.3.8
New and Improvements
1. Support Revit 2023
2. Keep the last time settings of separate categories
3. Enhance the performance

Fix the incompatiblity with BuildMaster Download link: https://cn.cdn.d5converter.d5techs.com/installer/internalbeta/D5_Converter_Revit_beta.zip

hi! i’m tryinig to install the new version for revit 2023 but i can’t; even with the link you just post

Hello, could you please let me know what problem you encountered when installing the plugin? Maybe you could cut a screenshot for us if there is any error message, or please let us know more details. Thanks in advance!

Hello, it seems that the installer did not find Revit 2023 on your computer, is the registry of Revit complete on your computer? I mean, can you find Revit 2023 in your Windows start menu? Also, you could try running the installer as admin.

I’m using the free trial version for revit right now, is that the reason?

Hello, we updated the file of the link, please download the plugin and install again, thanks.

Same problem… the program alone i did install it normally, but i can’t use it because im working with revit , maybe is because the free version , or should i uninstall everything?

Are you using Revit 2013 Lt ?

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Hi, normally the free trial version should work. Do you use Revit Lt version?

Hi, no, it is not the Lt version

Ok, can we arrange a remote session? Our tech team will look into this problem and narrow down the issue cause, thanks in advance, please check the private message I sent you.

Hello! I’m with the same problem to my Revit 2023, but my revit is a student version license

Hi, we have a beta version which may have fixed the issue. Please join our Discord server and download that from this link: