D5 converter for revit 2022

Hi! I found similar question in 3dsmax thread.
Is there also plans to update converter for revit 2022?



Hi, I am afraid that it is not in the short-term plan, but sure we will support Revit 2022 later.

Latest Version - Ver 0.2.3

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Any News on the Revit 2022 workflow plugin?

Sorry, no news on this. :pensive:

Hey, any news for the Revit 2022 Plugin? Would be awesome if this would be upgraded.

Hi, the development is finished, we will roll out the new version of Revit plugin in D5 Render 2.0

That’s awesome, thanks a lot!
When is 2.0 roll out to be expectet?

I think it will be about the end of August, we need to run the beta test for 1 month.

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Any updates on this?

we will roll out the plugin with 2.0

Hi Oliver

Any update on when you guys will roll out Version 2.0? Is Beta-Testing coming to an end? :slight_smile:

Yes sir, will enter the last round of beta testing, and the new Revit plugin is OK too.

Hi Oliver, I really need the plug in converter for max 2022. fbx export won’t bring material/texture over D5. Do you have any date please. Unfortunately I don t have max 2021 as I just purchased 2022. Regards, Luigi

OK Luigi, plugin for max2022, I think it should be developed before 2022, but I am not sure the detailed date. :pensive:

Hello! This is how I might think about buying D5 if Revit 2022 is still not supported? And this is my main development tool!

Hello, Revit 2022 is supported now, we will release the update this or next week. If you want to have a try now, please check the private message I sent to you.

Hi, when I export my 3d scene to d5a file, it has small size, and it is not opened in D5 render, it is imported but it is empty. I cant press the button start in revit because D5 render installed in another server. What can be the problem?

Hello Akimkhan,

First, I think it is mainly because D5 render is installed in another server, not on your local computer. We do not support sync across servers.
Second, about the d5a problem, does it happen to a specific scene or all scenes in Revit?
Could you send me a sample .rvt file? My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com.
We will look into this problem and check whether we can repro it with your scene.