D5 Converter for Max animation

I would like the plugin to support animation when exporting from 3dmax.This is an important moment for work and creativity. Experiments with animation carried out by me in a 5D render program, showed me that YOU are super! Yes, animation can be applied in the 5D render program itself, but this must be done using different 3dmax tools. A number of difficulties arise, since the plug-in underexposed animation, the import of animation into the 5D rendering program is carried out with the loss of textures. It is a lot of work to pull textures onto an animated object in a 5D rendering program.

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Hey, RO2009,

Please try to export .abc file format from 3DsMax and import into D5 Render.

.abc s 3Ds Max agree. The texture flies when exporting. Pulling a texture over an animated object in a 5D rendering program is difficult

Got it.

It may be caused by the Multi/Sub material, you could try to separate them into individual parts. Maybe some plugin of 3DsMax could do this.

this plugin does not support animation
When I save the 5D render plugin as Sketchup, I get a folder with D5A materials, the folder with materials does not create

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When saving in * ABC format, we also do not receive a folder with materials.
So the export of the plugin 5D render is correct, it works great, but there is no animation. If * ABC animation is there, but there are no materials when importing into the program on the object

Yep, you are correct. Could you share this file with us so that we could test the best way to export the .abc file from 3DsMax and import that to D5?

OK, I will save it in all formats so that it is convenient for you to experiment

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1.zip (3.9 MB)

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I think that you just need to add the 5D render plugin by adding the * abc format and support for textures. I changed the format of the textures * png, but when importing into the program, you still have to pull them manually

Yes, we will consider that.

I think it’s easier to fix the plugin so that it works with animation and holds textures normally, this will be a big hole …!

Has this been worked on? Because i am still having issues with my animated objects in 3ds max not working in D5 render

Hi mate, it is still not supported to sync animated objects to D5 directly, but we optimized the support for .abc files. You can export models in .abc format with animations, then open them in D5.

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Hi. When will 3ds max animation be supported for syncing or will it ever? ABC does not convert constraints or any of the advanced animation controllers.

Thank you for your feedback, it is still not supported now :joy: