D5 Converter for 3Dsmax 2022 available now

I’m using version 2022 of 3Dsmax and the converter doesn’t work in that version. Is there a forecast for a new version of the converter that will meet 3Dsmax 2022 soon?

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We are planning to make it in Q2 this year, and now it’s still being developed.


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Thank you Oliver.
Let’s wait!

Hey! Any news regarding 3ds MAX 2022 converter for d5Render? It’s being some time since it’s release now… Please send some update on it’s development!

Hi, we are planning to release a new D5-3dsMax converter this year, which could support 3ds MAX 2014-2022. It is still under development and the release date will depend on the developing progress.


Hey! Any news regarding 3ds MAX 2022 converter for d5Render?

any rhino live-sync too as It’s supposed to be here with version 2.0

Rhino plugin is in closed beta, will release in one or two month.

Hello, it is still being developed, since its algorithm is different from 3ds MAX 2021, the development will take more time.

Does 3ds max 21 have a converter?

Hi, just wanted to comment I moved to max2022 and … no D5 :slight_smile:

Download | D5 Render
yes, 3dsmax 21 is supported now.

Any news on the 3dsmax 2022 plug in?

please max 2022

Hello, when the beta test comes out I will let you know, the plugin development is in progress.

3ds max 2023 will be ready soon.
I think you need to pay more attention to update the plugins for 3ds max in a timely manner.
For architectural rendering, 3ds max is the standard.Just like revit in building design. Like SketchUp for sketches. These programs are often used by professionals for commercial purposes, and their support should be given high priority.
I don’t want to buy d5 render just because I can’t use it for commercial purposes since there is no actual plugin for 3ds max 2022. Wasting time on porting to another version of the program is not serious and slows down the workflow.
That said, I really like d5 render, I like the ease of working with it, how developers think and improve functions, but plugins…
Again. It will soon be a year since 3ds max 2022 came out.
I hope this post will somehow improve the situation and more people will participate in the development of current versions of the 3ds max plugin.


Ok, thanks for your feedback, our dev team will pay more attention to plugins since 2.1.

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It seems that you allocate most of your resources to the benefit of SketchUp users. Max users are no less important :slight_smile:

Hi sgi, we will not treat users unfairly. The reason why MAX 2022 is still not supported is because its API changed a lot from MAX2021, and the development difficulty is not same as other plugins.
Now we are developing a new plugin for 3ds Max, which will support 2022, and CR materials.
Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Oliver
Anyway you’re doing a great job.
Keep it up

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