D5 beach waves

**Theme: d5 beach waves
**Artist: dm
**Graphics Card: rtx 2070
**Workflow: sketchuo / d5
**Brief description of post-processing: no
**Whether the model is original: own project
**Model source: d5
**Description of the work:
At the moment I am in the home office and the totally rainy Sunday. So I dreamed how nice it would be to be in the Caribbean or Bora Bora.

I implemented my dream with Sketchup and D5 Render.
First I wanted to try to make waves with sketchup and d5 render.

I think the video isn’t bad.
I also wish a lot of fun to keep dreaming



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Hi, Very good beach render you can improve it by using better quality sky pic or hdri and you can put some shade on the people like a beach umbrella.

thanks for the attention:
The sky comes from D5 HDR.
Actually I’m trying to make a beach with the waves with D5.
A rainy Sunday, boredom and no architecture just dream away