D5 2.3 - Origin Points of Custom Objects

Hi D5 Team,

I am looking forward to exploring the new features of D5 2.3. Congratulations on adding so many new features in such a short time.

I have just had a quick look at D5 2.3 to test the new Custom Pivot Point (Original 0,0,0 Origin Point) feature, but am having difficulty finding out how to change the ‘D5 Base/Centre’ Origin Point back to the Models original 0,0,0 pivot point.

I have attached an image showing a wall mounted shower seat (Left) and a Lute Pendant Lamp (Right). Unfortunately the shower seat is currently located half way into the wall, and the Pivot Point of the Lute Pendant Lamp is at it’s base (not at the top of the hanger where it should be). I have looked at all of the options under the Inspector tab, and have looked through the Preference (inc Widget) options, but cannot find out how to change the origin point. Could you please help me (a ‘toggle switch’???) use the new feature?

Also, I was having difficulty selecting both the shower seat and Pendant Lamp together. I tried using the CTL key and also CTL + Click and Drag. Not sure why I couldn’t select both objects at once.

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Hi Leah, nice to meet you :grin:
Please check this:

Second, you can view this article for detailed introduction of new features.
What’s new in D5 Render 2.3 - News - D5 RENDER FORUM

What’s more, we are preparing a tutorial for new features, which will release soon, stay tuned.

Thank you Oliver,

I was able to find the Sync Pivot under Menu…Edit, so thank you very much for that.

It is certainly a very welcomed feature. I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but I hope that future developments will improve the function further as it seems that I need to first place the asset, then ‘Sync Pivot’, and then adjust the position of the asset. This may be problematic when swapping one house design with another (ie: when the shape/size of each house design is slightly different, meaning that the D5 ‘Centre/Base’ Pivot will be inconsistent with each scheme) as you would need to re-position the design once it has been placed. It would also be frustrating to do this procedure for every asset. Please let me know if I am incorrect.

Perhaps there could be a global setting option so that assets are inserted with the Pivot Synced already, so that you don’t have to adjust the position later or do that every time you place an asset.

Please have a look at the way Lumion and Twinmotion handles Pivots for Custom Objects.

I look forward to future developments.

With kindest regards,

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Ok Leah, thank you for the feedback, we will optimize this feature for sure. The current one is just providing the possibility to make door open animation, etc :blush:

Thanks Oliver,

You are developing D5 so quickly, that I am sure it will be even more awesome soon.


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