D5 2.0 vs Lumion 11.5.1

the first picture is d5, the second is lumion

I rendered the current project in d5 and was pleasantly surprised, the big scenes became much friendlier. And I like the quality much more! You are just taking huge steps forward!
Of the minuses and what, in my opinion, is worth improving:

  1. The grass has no settings other than its height, it often breaks through the texture
  2. Mass placement is not a very convenient tool, when working with corners, objects cannot be placed at right angles
  3. metal surfaces catch “crickets” artifacts, white pixels
  4. Why doesn’t the camera remember my aspect and resolution settings? have to re-enter
  5. why when I turn on the F8 mode, moving the camera, this mode immediately flies, why is this done? it is not convenient, let it be better on f8 these modes will switch between themselves
  6. why are there no hotkeys between toggling display quality? You have to click on the menu, it’s not convenient, do it like in lumion, f1, f2, f3, f4
  7. The ability to output video as a sequence, along with all the cards, as well as statics, is very lacking!
  8. And also there is no way to configure the AO map (RTX AO) for video either directly in the viewport, or at least during rendering, whatever it was. This map makes the building and vegetation more realistic.
  9. Effects of water, smoke, etc. just funny and purely for show, there are no parameters to adjust this (
  10. Why is there no render time? it is strange, it would be possible to make some kind of counter.
  11. Why do I have to adjust the FPS counter from scratch every time when I start d5? Why doesn’t the program remember my settings?
  12. And the last thing, I already wrote about this earlier, you need to somehow implement the Lod system as in lumion or in other engines, at least for trees. This will make it possible to do truly large-scale projects. In my opinion, this is the main thing now, why people still stay on Lumion or Twinmotion, and have not switched to D5, you have great potential and while your competitors are marking time, you can take this whole market for yourself! Good luck!
    Graphics Card: RTX 3060 12gb
    Brief description of post-processing:
    Whether the model is original:
    Model source: D5 2.0, SketchUp 2019, Photoshop

Description of the work:


It is difficult to make a comparison, as it also strongly depends on the artist and his or her ability to master the software.
I’ve seen Lumion graphics (already L8) that blow my mind and then L11 again, which I find terrible.
In contrast to Lumion, D5 has already shown very good results in the first release. This was not the case with Lumion (photorealism)
With your pictures I have to say that I like D5 better,
because it is not as colorful and artificial as with Lumion.
As I said, that also depends a lot on the artist.
It won’t be a long time and D5 can make a comparison between D5 and Vray or Corona.
Lumion will definitely not be able to keep up with that.
Lumion does have a typical Lumion look that D5 does not have.
We will see, what is going on in Lumion 12.


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