D.5 version 2.0!

Who is excited for 2.0? What are you most hopeful for?

D 5 renders are really impressing all my clients. Very excited watch it mature.

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What’s new in this version ? :star_struck:

I’m waiting for weathering, Real displacement,Real grass, moving trees and Round corners

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I like that. Round corners and weathering. So important!:clap::100::facepunch:

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When the new version will be available?
Any sneak peak :see_no_evil:


Does it has orthographic view for plans, sections?

2.0 will come out in the middle of this month, grass material, moving trees done.
Other features you mentioned we will add in future version.

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Hi Oliver.J:

Will be any improvement in GI quality for interiors on the D5Render 2.0? Cheers.


I hope so, UE4 interior arch-viz is amazing and I wish D5 render could get the same result as it has a bad way of dealing with indirect light - Not reliable GI with a little a mount of bouncing lights

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Yes sir, you could make a comparison when 2.0 is rolled out.

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