Cyberpunk #1

Theme: Cyberpunk #1
Artist: Giorgi Melkadze 3D Art
Graphics Card: RTX 3060 12 GB
Workflow: Sketchup & D5 Render
Brief description of post-processing:
Whether the model is original: Model is created by me
Model source: By me

Description of the work: Futuristic Cyberpunk city


cool render and ligth

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Thanks dadi. But i dont like LED display banner, with text zoommer. It is noot good, but have not idea how get good quality.

Thank you for shared work. I have Palit RTX3060 Dual 12G and noted that it’s fans work noisy with even simple scenes. Is it the same noise with you?

Hello, I think different computer company should have their own client program to control how the fans work, maybe you can check that?

Good job, and how it looks in preview?

Fans work noisy, because speed of them are the highest when you render image. If you mean this, then yes it has.

I will upload scene when ill be with my pc. Thanks

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