Custom HDRI map scaleing & Zshift

When I use custom HDRI for image based lighting,
the enviroment tex is probably mapped to fictitious dome (invisible dome) .
But it’s scale is fixed, inspite of my camera is moving zoom in or zoom out.

(1)Now custom HDRI does not match my snece cameras.
It is too much near and big in my scene.
So , I want to scaling fictitious enviroment dome to keep away from camera.

(2) And additionally I want to shift enviroment image to Z axis.(height direction)
even it is not correct in phishics points, i want to adjust eye level.

How Can I do it ?
If current verstion does not have such function,
please add these function in next update.

Hi ogw087,

Thanks for the two suggestions. I will share them with the product team and let them decide this. Also, you could post them on We will read them frequently.