Custom assets insertion point / origin point

Dear D5 Staff,

Could you please let me know if you will be introducing the ability to import custom assets using their original 0,0,0 insertion point / origin point of the custom asset, rather than being imported with a new D5 origin point (ie: centre and base of the the asset)?

I find this issue problematic as assets that need to be placed on walls and ceilings (such as tapware, light fittings, even beds, bedside tables, etc etc) need to be adjusted every time they are placed (and importantly, replaced with other similar assets) within the scene.

Perhaps there could be a toggle switch for users that prefer custom assets to be imported with their own origin points?

With kind regards,

Hello, the origin point of models in D5 is fixed(at centre and base), but you can vote for the request on this site:

Thank you Oliver.

I will certainly vote for assets to be imported with their own Origin Points.



Just wanted to bump this once again. It would be very very helpful. Thanks for your consideration. And it’s quit logical for us that intentionally set up insertion points and then it is overrode in D5 to be frustrated.

hi,in version 2.3,we have support to set import model pivot to their original (0,0,0) position.Plz stay tuned.