Corona Render

Hi guys

This is amazing software but i am a corona 3ds max user - it would be awesome if this could be converted from Corona.

Hoping this is something on the cards?


Hello sir, it is on the roadmap :laughing:


Good afternoon, I also had problems (not correct view) with corona materials when double importing via Vray in 5d.
I decided to look for information what the reason is. most likely the structure of the material in corona is different than in 5d.

But when I went to the corona website, I saw that the material changed in corona 7.0 and a new material converter appeared. The structure of the material began to resemble more of the Vray material.

Does this mean that we will very soon be able to import from corona 7.0 to 5d render directly? or would it be faster to learn Vray for direct import?

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Will support cr material, the feature is being developed.