Copying Lights and Retain IES files

I created a light and added an IES file to the light. I then copied the light about 10 times. None of the copied lights have the IES associated with it. Can you add the functionality to copy the IES file with the light?

Hi there,could you please tell me how you copy the light and more operation details? because I can copy the light with IES associated with it by SHIFT. Or you can send some screenshot to show this issue.

I select the light and then hit CTRL+D on the keyboard and the click the next location of the light.

Shift then move copy easier than ctr+d and you can keep them alined.


But I also have the IES effect by CTRL+D. Maybe you can try to change another IES style or try this operation in another project to see what happen. If this issue exist in all your project please contact with me.

Sure. I have a lot of lights to place so I will try again and let you know.
Thank you,