Contact shadows

I was just rendering a few scenes when I realised
That it’s needed an improvement on contact shadows! Some times some objects, mainly those closer to the camera, just seems to be floating in the air, just like it has been placed as a Photoshop collage.
I’m sending a picture to show the problem. I placed the mouse arrow close to de area without contact shadows.
That’s a important issue to be fixed. It really means difference in a image depth.


Hi! maybe you can try to change the sun location or deepen the shadows, by the way, if you don’t view the project at the highest quality, some shadows will not be loaded.

I certainly Find that if you render out the ambient occlusion pass, and composite the image in photoshop (set the AO layer to multiply or linear burn) it can help with contact shadows. You will probably have to play with the levels on the AO layer so that it’s not too muddy.
I hope that helps