Compatibility with lower hardware

Dear D5 Team,
Hello, I kindly reach you to ask about when will be released the secondary rendering D5 software, which does not require XDR, and it will significantly improve the compatibility with lower hardware requirements? Thanks in advance.



On behalf of D5, I apologize for not meeting the roll out as planned to support lower hardware. During the past two months, a lot of efforts were put into developing that pipeline in parallel which is based on Optix. A working protoype was successfully made about two month ago.

However, as the engine new features and optimizations requires a lot of modifications on the main pipeline, we soon found out that it will be a very heavy burden for us to maintain two pipelines in the same time. A decision was made to focus on the main engine first, and postpone the compatability development.


Thanks for replying. I appreciate all your effort in D5. It is extraordinary. I have to buy a new laptop which has support from D5.Thanks again.

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Thank you, so much. We will work harder to make D5 render better and better.