Coming Update

There any information of the next update, the version 1.7 i guess, it would be nice to know whats the future of D5.

Hi, there! The version 1.6.1 will probably be released at Jun 30 or Jul 1, for now, we are still working hard to make it better and add more functions to try our best to meet everyone’s needs. We will continue to adopt everyone’s messages on various platforms. Thanks for your support and please stay tuned!


looking forward to…maybe the asset library loading might be faster /I have downloaded all library assets/ but still loading a while /I guess minimum 30seconds each asset’s tab/

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Same here, and hoping for asset categories to be alphabetically organized. :wink:

So John, is the version 1.6.1 coming today?

wish new update soon !

Hi atherrera! Thanks for your focus! Now we still need to test some functions, please wait for more days, it will coming soon!

will be X-mas in July?? yupee

thank u ~ how many days exactly

Hi Harada! Thanks for your concern! We will release the new version very soon, please stay tuned!

ok~I‘ll keep D5 opening for the first time to get update message

Hi,We are very moved! you are so looking forward to using new version! But, you will not get the update message if you keep D5 opening!Conversely,you must reopen D5 to receive the update letter! Please focus our D5 community of Facebook and Forum to get the information of new version release!


release the kraken already)) :heart_eyes:

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