Cinema 4D

new version fine, but where c4d support is promised. I bought a D5 because support was promised for C4D. We still hear only false promises … I’m very disappointed

Hi there,

The beta of D5 Converter-C4d will start soon.
Thank you very much

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I’m ready to become an export tester from Cinema 4d
We really need some demo builds from you

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Waiting for the c4d exporter… hope to test it soon! thanks


You don’t even have an announcement of synchronization for Cinema 4d in Trello?
when do you plan to run the sync demo

Hi, the D5-C4D converter has been in the testing stage, and the page is in the Roadmap of Pipeline Integration

即将上线/Coming Soon
And it will come out in Q2.


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когда тестирование если все готово?
when testing if everything is ready?

Hi, about the middle of this year. The specific release time depends on the development and test progress.


coming soon or what ?
no news ? just “coming soon” for month

I no longer enjoyed those promises

Hello, sorry for the delay of C4d plugin development. We had a beta version of the plugin since D5 1.8 at the beginning of this year. But after two rounds of testing we thought it needs better stablity and decided to reconfigure the code, so it takes more time to finish.
Please join our Discord server, where has the old beta version, and we will release new udpates there too. If you do not have the link to our server in Discord, feel free to let me know.