Choosing graphic card

Building a new PC and choosing between RTX 2080 super and titan version. Is 2080 super sufficient for smooth work or titan is just rly big upgrade worth to buy . I will do interiors with moderate to high details And of course exteriors (up to groups od buildings).

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RTX2080Ti is enough with its 11GB

I do all my job on 3ds Max + Fstorm with two 2080Tis

RTX Titan has 24GB, it’s ok for very large projects like masterplans. If D5 Render supports instances then you don’t need 24GB of vram.

consider on 14 May Nvidia will announce new gpus.

thx for answer but Im choosing only between 2080 super and 2080ti :). RTX titan is too much expensive for me. So its only about 8GB vs 11GB vram and I need to know if 8GB version of 2080 will be ok for smooth working in this program (have 2gb gpu now so Im totaly lost and can´t try trial :D).

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We recommend 2060s for usual projects, 2080ti for large archviz
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what is the best graphic card for D5 Render? Geforce RTX series (2080 Ti/3080…) or Quadro RTX series (4000, 5000…), another question, (for exemple) if Quadro RTX series are better than Geforce RTX series, can we have some global comparison, you can tell us for exemple if Quadro RTX 4000 is 5 time faster than RTX 3080 or something like that? thanks a lot

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It’s a really good idea. We’re planing it.
For now, RTX 30 series is stronger than Quadro RTX, since ampere quodro is not available on the current Quadro RTX series. If you’re considering upgrading now, RTX 30 series would be much recommended.

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Is there a way one could estimate the amount of VRAM needed to avoid any paging to RAM(if supported in D5) based on type of textures (1080p, 2K, 4K) and number of such textures in a scene? I am trying to find out based on my needs (Small buildings, Larger houses with detailed interiors) if I will need more than 8Gb of VRAM when 4K and 2K textures are used. Also I don´t fully understand how would that affect rendering of videos?
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It’s recommended to use GPU-Z to check the memory of the video card, and task manager to check RAM

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I want to choose razer laptop for d5 render
What laptop is better ?
Razer blade 15 advanced intel 10875h rtx 3070
Razer blade 15 studio edition 10875h quadro rtx 5000

Hi, just in terms of graphic card, RTX 3070 is the better choice for D5 Render.

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But quadro rxt with 16gb vram, rtx 3070 with only 8gb