Chief Architect Direct Link

May you please include Chief Architect Direct link or at least all .dae file export. It is bit tedious to go through 3rd party software like sketchup to get my models on D5

Thanx in advance


Forwarded to the D5 Converter team. Thank you very much

I was checking the roadmap and it looks like Chief Architect is removed

Hi tshwanom,

Chief Architect does not open port for us, so we have no way to develop a plugin or support its format. We may be able to support .DAE in the future as soon as there is a feasible and legal method. You could also vote for this Chief Architect Support - D5 Render


I asked Chief Architect support and this is their response

"Thanks for contacting Chief Architect Technical Support. I will submit a request to our developers about adding an export for D5 Render.

Chief Architect can currently export 3d models using the following file types:


Do you happen to know the list of file types D5 will support?"

D5 Render can read files directly in these format: fbx(no bone),d5a,skp,3dm,abc
Thank you!