Change Pivot/axis of a group - Save on a Nas server

thank you for this magnificent software after having tested several days I have two essential points to improve which prevents us from using it on a daily basis.

-When adding several elements in a group, the pivot of the group is placed randomly (The average of the axes). Can we decide on the location of the pivot in the futur ? it would be great to change that point. Is there another way to change the axis of a group of elements?

  • d5 files cannot be saved to a NAS server. it is a real problem to work in a team. we cannot exchange files between different workstations.

Thanks you in advance
If you have any solutions, tell us !

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Yeah! This is very much needed even for us in our workflow. Needs a feature to set pivot point of objects from the software we import so that the coordinates are the same on both D5 and our preferred modelling software. This will help us a lot since we have been using lumion and we use coordinates to accurately place our models.

Hello, thank you both. We are preparing to add the pivot function as you suggested. :slightly_smiling_face:

About the NAS question, we have supported saving/opening files in NAS since D5 Render 2.0 .
But there are still two tips you need to know:

  1. we need to make sure your NAS has been mapped to a local drive:
    Map a network drive in Windows 10 ( 1

  2. make sure the path you use when saving files is a local path format, like F:\d5render\xxx
    do not use an online path like //d5render/xxx/ or: OneDrive - Personal, etc.

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hello, I am from D5 product team. Thank you for your suggestions first.
To further evaluate this feature, could you tell us under what circumstances you need to customize the pivot?
To make animations or something else? If you could explain more on this request, it will help a lot.

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So I have a complicated Interior with small small elements. We usually have the scene prepared already in 3ds max to with accurate placements of objects according to clients specifications. So when we take it to lumion we split the scene into multiple components like walls, ceiling, Bed, Decor set 1, Decor Set 2, Spotlights etc etc. In lumion the pivot point for every component we export as fbx goes to 0,0,0 which makes our job much easier. We import the component and type 0,0,0 in coordinates and it exactly places on the coordinates where it was in 3ds max.

But here in D5 the pivot point gets automatically repositioned to bottom center so we have to like bring it here and move the object and put it in place which slows down workflow especially in complicated scenes since the camera movement also isnt as fluid as lumion. So it would really help if the pivot point reference could be taken from the origin of 3ds max despite the bottom center of the individual object.

Thank you

Hello, maybe you could try the Align feature in D5? Multi-select those objects that you need to keep their relative positions, then click Align:
Action - User Manual (

Thank you for your answer and your reactivity,
we need to change the pivot to make animations or we turn around the scene ( tree, object ) so we need to group all the elements and make a 360°.
We are a studio of Ten peoples and all of my guys can’t use d5 for this reason.

Other question : can we export vidéo scene in series of images ?


it is very important for us
Thanks in advance

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We tried this, but still its not as efficient as our earlier workflow. But it would be a really good feature if we can have the pivot point position retained from the software which we imported the model.

Like I have a study table and its pivot point is at 300,900,0 in 3ds max then if i enter the same coordinates in D5 it should be able to replicate the same location. This keeps the model accurate. Since we are already used to this for past 2 years and its more efficient for our projects would like to see this get implemented here.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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ok, no problem :+1:

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sushillanarc1996 can you use an other topic please, it’s an other subject.

hi, sushillanarc.
In 2.2 version, you can find a button called Sync coordinates in inspector panel.This function can solve your problem.Give it a try . :wink:

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Thank you soo much!! just got the update for 2.2 will try this!!!

Hello Rezm, sry for the late reply, we are still designing the Change Pivot feature, but here is a workaround with which you can adjust pivot of a group.

To export video scene in series of images, we support rendering video sequence since D5 2.1 (released in January of this year), hope you do not miss that feature. :sweat_smile:

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