Catégory organisation

Hi, Due to:

  • A height quantity of model and textures
  • Naming of objects ( an object could be named differently and you potentialy won’t succed to find it out immediatly)
  • Some of objects are placed category but could be in another that you expect to be ( ex: glasses are placed catégory " kitchen" and could easaly be placed in category " food and beverages" )

Due to all of this you could be a good ideal to develop a best " favorite " category in order to make it bigger and easaly usable.

Thank you for your advice.

For sure, you have to adive D5 Team there is clearly imrovments in D5 forkflow:

  • Easy acces to what we look for, organic search
  • Speed of loading of the compotments and texture
    Workflow is 99% of the time. Render is 1%
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