Built-in Asset Library Requirement

Dear D5 Render user:

Appreciate for the beta testing of D5 Render, and then we’ll prepare to build our built-in professional asset library so that you can use them directly from the render.

For now, our team decide to provide the following 3 categories: plants, human, and vehicle temporarily.
Besides, we are very glad to hear your ideas and suggestions about the built-in library, maybe the answer of the following question list could help us know more about your requirement.

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Many thanks for your time, and looking forward to your reply.


eu ainda não uso o D5 render mais pelas imagens pode ver que está ao nivel de V-ray, mais quanto a nuvens e o sol


Great!. Also, It would be good to add Lights or Illumination assets


Got it. Currently we will focus on the plants, people and vehicles.

If you have the corresponding request, we will built-in these firstly.



For imported object we can only assign new material on them now, but it would be great to have a option to modify the material of imported objects.

Also the glow effects is nice but sometimes small dots from reflection is glowing too much, which I think you can improve.

One more thing, for diffuse texture if you can add a composite option which may help us to add some variation on texture by using another map over diffuse with separate uv option obviously.

I hope you will find my thought logical, and will upgrade those.

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Hey, Uchass:

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. You can modify the imported materials with material picker tool on the top navigation toolbar, and the shorcut is ‘i’.

  2. We have noticed that, and will improve that in the future release, please stay tuned.

  3. That’s a good idea, we will evaluate the effort, and get reference from more voice from other users.

It seems promising.

Indeed the vegetation quality volume will be a big advantage.
Especially grasses, bushes.

Vertical plants.


Or/and the simplest way possible to import plants into scene. Ie, fbx files automatically imported with texture.
See A Sketchup plugin Transmutr functionality.

Also I would like to have an option of placing grass along edges.

More exterior texture.

Asphalt concrete, wood, pavers, stones, more exterior textures.

Decals with a possibility of custom creation.

Thenknyou in advance fir your consideration.

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A plugin with substance desiger would be great as they do have one for UE.


What option do I have to change the color of the Grass Asset Library. If I have a spring, summer, autumn and winter Hdri as a background
The green is not always the same color, especially version 1.8.
When it will come snow particle material.
Thanks for your feedback

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